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Does This Sound Familiar?


Having been in the country for a few years, Vee didn’t know anything about real estate. He was trying to flip houses while going to school and worked part-time at a call center. He was sick and tire of talking on the phone all the time to solve their issues. He wants to make a boatload of money to get out of the call center job, live life on his terms, and take care of his parents.

So he started reading books and attending free seminars and blindly chased after deals. He made hundreds of offers every month but nothing was accepted. That meant this dream was drifting away from him fast.

To make things worse, he was frustrated because while he was banging his head against one wall after another, other people were having much more success than him. He didn’t know what he didn’t know.

The problem was that he didn’t have a road map and didn’t understand the fundamentals. After exhausting his PTO and calling in sicks a few times, to look for properties to buy, he was not anywhere closer to his dream.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened… 

When Everything Changed


Vee came across a course on eBay from his mentor about how to use the ultimate method to buy real estate. It was crystal clear to him how to stop worrying about the lack of his experience, capital, and credit. He just focus on learning this one method. A method that allows you to get paid three or even four times in some situations. Since then, Vee has helped numerous people start their investing journey.

Most people are not comfortable with property ownership. We are taught to go to school and get a good job. Then when we are in a job, the government is telling us that we are not good at managing our money so we ought to give our money to some fund manager behind a cubicle somewhere (ie: 401K, 403B, 457B, SEP, IRA, ESOPs, etc.) No one in our educational system will ever teach you about real estate investing. So most people think real estate investing is hard and that you need a lot of money to start. But in reality, it’s no harder than learning to ride a bike or to drive a car. Anyone can do it with and without a lot of money

Are you someone who wants to find financial freedom through real estate investing, but not sure how to get there?


Customized Coaching for Individual Success. Each client is unique and each client’s goal is different. Vee‘s approach to coaching each client is customized to his or her specific goal. 

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Road Map

No more reading books after books with confusing information or not enough details.  Get a road map to your first income producing property

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Expert Calls

We’ll have calls led by top NLP, Mindset, Tax Strategies and Asset Protection Experts. All these calls are designed to help make you a success story.

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Weekly Live Call and optional Q&A

For the duration of your group coaching, we’ll have two weekly live call (will be recorded if you cannot attend live) and one optional Q&A call to discuss your questions.

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Contract! We give each mentee a hard copy of the paperwork to review with their attorney for the specific state that mentee lives in.

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Constructing Deals

No more chasing after the shiniest courses out there for another method to buy real estate. No more feeling stuck because you don’t know how to calculate what to offer.

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Getting Leads

You cannot buy any house without leads. We will go over fundamental strategies to get leads so you don’t have to keep paying for the newest methods out on the internet.

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How To Minimize Your Tax Liability

It’s not about how much you make but how much you keep. One of our Expert Calls will teach you how to pay Uncle Sam less.


Property Evaluation

The scariest thing for someone starting out is not knowing how much a property is worth. We’ll resolve that fear by teaching you how to evaluate a property.


Methods To Buy

Want to investing but don’t have a lot of money for down payment? Or have you had some success with using traditional bank loans to buy properties but now they cut you off? We’ll discuss other ways for you to buy without those limitations.

Vee Will Be Your Passive Income Mentor


Vee’s superpower is in helping people identify how to get started in real estate investing even when they have no clue. He’s the guide of this entire journey. At the end of the day, a guide is just a guide. It’s like when you are going to an amusement park, the guide could tell you all about the twists and turns you’ll experience, but if you are not willing to sit inside the roller coaster, you’ll just stand there, and nothing will ever happen.

You still have to make a decision! Are you a road warrior who lives in airport hotel rooms and eats cheap hotel foods? Are you always working from 6 AM until 6 AM the next day? Is your job affected by the pandemic? Maybe you still have panic attacks every time the Dows drop a few hundred points. Perhaps you are getting paid extremely well but so what if you even don’t get to spend an entire weekend with your kids. And someone still has to approve you for your leave. Those are the stories of working professionals around the world.

Does that life frustrate you? 

Are you someone who wants to find financial freedom through real estate investing, but not sure how to get there?


1. Are you already an experienced real estate investor? (if No, go to #2)

2. Are you in a position to spend 12-18 hours a day researching where to buy your next house and what price to offer? (if No, go to #3)

3. Do you have money to lose on every deal? Do you have money to pay when your tenant sued you? Do you have enough money to sustain cheating contractors? Do you know what to do when you buy a meth house? Do you want to overpay for properties? Do you want to be the best target for scammers? (if all No, then go to #4)

4. A shortcut process from a seasoned real estate investor.

Hope that makes things easier for you to understand. 

Are you ready to get your roadmap to financial freedom?

Three simple steps to work with Vee 

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Step 1: Apply

You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire so Vee can learn more about you, and your goals

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Step 2: Communicate

You and Vee will hop on a quick call to further discuss the program and see if and how he can help you

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Step 3: Action

You and Vee will start working with each other toward your goals and building your passive income portfolio

Ready To Generate 6-figures in Real Estate?